Weak Ends


Daisy, 19 🌸 Second year fashion design and technology student.
I like Seinfeld, The Jungle Giants and I'm in love with Scott Thomas. ❤️

Anonymous: "If you were to stay with for a long time or marry Scott your bf what do you want your life to be?"

Hmm well, we would have a cool house because we both like vertical gardens and those glass cups that have two layers (a smaller cup inside a cup) so it looks like the coffee is floating. So I’m pretty happy with that. And also we want a French bulldog (miniature) with it’s ears not snipped. Or a sausage dog. But Scott would make it love him more than me of course. And I guess we would just have a lot of fun even if we were old because we are both silly all the time. And we both love kids so so much soooo.. I guess that would happen eventually if we are in a good financial situation and committed (which we will be, duh.. powercouple here) and in my future house I also want a pool, fireplace and big entertaining area with a nice view perhaps. And a big tv/computer thing so Scott can play games and I can watch real housewives and season 73 of orange is the new black.
I hope this isn’t making me sound like… Obsessive. Haha I’m just answering the question.
But yep that’s probably my dream lyf


I’d probably be happy as fk


🌈 Rainbow sushi and @finncoldpress green juice. Woo!!! Beetroot, zucchini, capsicum, tempeh, Bok Choy and ginger wrapped in nori sheets 💛

I want all day errr day